Top 5 Software Testing Automation Tools For 2011

There is no denying the fact that computers and software programs are rapidly replacing manual processes at an accelerated rate as time goes on. Software tools have made everyday life and business processes more efficient and cost effective, and software testing verifies that newly developed software is in working order before it is introduced into the market.

With more and more software programs hitting the market, the automation of software testing processes has become extremely important. Software development companies use software testing automation tools to bridge the gaps on newly developed systems to ensure the end user receives a quality product that is free from bugs. As such, if you are a tester or developer, it is important to find the best software testing automation tools in the market. Below are the top 5 software testing automation tools available today.

QA Wizard Pro 2011

QA Wizard Pro is an automated software testing tool developed by Seapine Software. Seapine Software is a leading provider of product development tools for IT organizations worldwide. While the company offers a variety of different IT tools designed to equip customers with intelligent technologies, the new QA Wizard Pro 2011 is rated the best-selling product offered by Seapine. Designed to provide automated functional testing and load testing, QA Wizard Pro will reduce your company's software investment and training time.

Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle is well known in the IT industry; the company has been providing integrated business software applications for decades. Oracle's Enterprise Manager is designed for enterprise applications, and it offers businesses extreme control of their IT resources without an extreme price tag. The Enterprise Manager delivers rigorous testing tools to ensure simplified test management, thereby promoting maximum efficiency.

Testing Anywhere

Testing Anywhere is an easy to use software testing application that can give users the tools they need to engage in automated testing anywhere. With 5 different ways to automate, coupled with some advanced reporting features, users can reduce their total cost of ownership and reduce the amount of time it takes to test software programs by as much as 60%. This application offers reliable SMART automation and revolutionary technologies for scripts and recorded tests.


AppLabs claims to be the largest software testing and quality management company in the world. Their advanced automation testing tools allow customers to effectively achieve the optimum return on their software investment. The main purpose of AppLabs automation tools is to leverage technologies and enhance flexibility while still reducing out-of-pocket costs.


SmarteSoft makes test automation easy and affordable. This solution will manage and monitor your project's requirements and will report defects and test cases in one convenient environment. If you want regression testing and access to a unified control center with manual and automatic testing tools, consider using SmarteQM Test Management.


Software testing automation tools are an affordable way for organizations to test and monitor the performance of newly developed software programs. Browse through the price plans and features of each automated testing solution provider, and choose the one that will suit your organizational needs the best.

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