How to Create a Links Page and Build Page Rank

One of the hardest achievements for a webmaster to obtain is a solid links page and great web site page rank. You know as well as I do that it is very difficult to obtain well page ranked reciprocal links. Especially when your actual links page is PR 1 or 2! There are ways to construct a links page with good page rank and reach a great page ranked web site.

The first step to take would be to add your links page link to all your pages and site map page, if your web site has one. This ensures the search engine spiders view your links page as important to your site. Many webmasters just place a link on their homepage. -No Good-

It is always good to have some outbound links from your web pages so you will want to do this on your links page. Choose 4 or 5 relating "authoritative sites" to link to. Write a good optimized description for them using keywords geared to your web site. You could simply write what the site is about and how it relates to your web site. Include any special offers or services from your web site into your links page. You want to have content besides just links on the page. Make sure there are specific instructions on how to link to your site on the page for prospected partners. Oh and one more thing ...don't name it "links page". You should use something like "more resources", "respected web sites" etc. Companies will take your link request more seriously if they see the word "resources" instead of "links" page.

Now for a little trick I use to find good page rank link traders. Go to Type in your main keyword or phrase and search. Find a competitive web site with a through the roof page rank. Click " target="_blank">inbound links right under the title and there ya go. Find the sites with high page ranks and visit them. Gather the email addresses to contact them.

You'll want to tell linking prospects you're a brand new site when you email them. Mention that you are aggressively campaigning for reliable link partners and high search engine rankings. Throw in a service, gift or other offer as a way to thank them for the new linking partnership as follows: "If you would like to trade links, we'll give you an (service) as a symbol of thanks." If you have some good(PR5+) new links, let them know it. This will ensure them that you mean business and that your web site's overall page rank is on the increase. Lastly, add your site to as many directories (large & small) as possible using keyword text as your title. If you do this and keep at it, you won't be sorry!

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