Build a Website with WordPress

WordPress is a website building system originally designed for building web blogs. For those of you new to web building, a blog (web log) is simply a website with the content arranged chronologically (like a diary).

Although originally designed for bloggers it is a very powerful platform for building standard websites. AMIZ Technologies offer a best and cheap website using wordpress tool.

Install WordPress

  • Create a new MySQL database on your server (local or remote) and take note of the host, username, password, and database name.
  • If you're working locally on a Mac.
  • Unzip the WordPress source code into the folder where your website will be located.
  • Make sure the folder containing the WordPress files has permissions that allow anyone to "Read/Write".
  • Navigate to the website URL in your browser and run through the install.
  • If you've done everything correctly you will be given an admin password and asked to login. Make sure you copy the password. [Update: If you use the latest version of WordPress (v.3.0+) you should be able to choose your own password rather than be given a randomly generated one.]

Setup Basic WordPress Settings

  • When you login to your new WordPress account, the first thing you should do is click on your username ("admin") on the top right and change your password to something more memorable than the random one WP gives you.
  • Next, unzip the WordPress theme you downloaded and place it in the path: /yoursiteroot/wp-content/themes/newtheme.
  • In the WordPress control panel, click on the "Appearance" section on the left and activate the new theme.
  • Next, click on the "Pages" section on the left and add your website pages, e.g.: Home, About Us, Products, News and Contact. You can leave the pages blank for now. Make sure you click on the "Publish" button when saving the pages.
  • Finally, click on the "Settings" section on the left and then choose the "Reading" sub-section.
  • Set the first option � Front page displays � to "Static" page
    • Choose what you'd like to be your homepage from the drop down list.
    • Then choose which of the pages you just created � e.g. News & Events � you'd like to be your "blog" page that shows latest news, articles, events etc.
  • Save your settings

Customising your Theme

If you're happy with the theme you've chosen, just go ahead and upload everything and you're done! If however you have your own custom design for the website you will need to modify your chosen theme. Here's how to do it assuming that you have an HTML/CSS version of your site's layout.

  • Open up your website in your preferred HTML editor, e.g. Dreamweaver or TextMate
  • Navigate to the theme folder and open it up. You should have a bunch of PHP files, a stylesheet (styles.css) and an images folder.
  • Stylesheet:There is usually only stylesheet associated with a WordPress theme. You can do the following:
    • Either edit the existing stylesheet to match your requirements
    • Replace the contents of "stylesheet.css" with your own pre-defined stylesheet, or
    • Leave the stylesheet as is and include your own stylesheet in addition by referencing it in the header.php file.
  • The PHP files:WordPress renders your page by 'gluing' a number of different php files together.
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