Cakephp framework based content management systems

Cakephp has become one of the favourite PhP based frameworks of the web development community around the world. This framework is based on Php and was introduced on the Ruby on Rails concept. Cakephp is distributed under the MIT License.

The demand for Cakephp development and Cakephp application development has increased in the past few years.

Following are some Cakephp Based Content Management Systems


It is an open source Cakephp based content management system (CMS). OvenCMS is built on JQuery JavaScript library. It is ideal for small websites. OvenCMS has a lot of plug-ins (modules).


Croogo is an open source and a multilingual CMS with the MVC framework. It is released under MIT License. With this CMS one can create blog, node, and page. The content can be categorized with Taxonomy and it also offers WYSIWYG Editor to easily edit the content directly from browser.

Lumad CMS

This open source content management system allows designers to manage small websites with a robust and quick simple user interface.


This is also built on Cakephp framework and JQuery JavaScript library similar to OvenCMS. It is a standards based, open source and user friendly CMS released under MIT License.

CupCake CMS

CupCake CMS is a lightweight and design-oriented content management system, meant for quick deployment of sites. This is specially designed to provide designers a simple and easy-to-deploy tool to manage content in small and medium-sized web sites. It has an easy to use user interface and WYSIWYG editor. The content can be created and updated by authorized users without an in-depth knowledge of HTML.

Termite CMS

Termite CMS is synonymous with fastness and flexibility. This CMS is also released under the MIT License. With Termite CMS one can handle multiple websites. Also one can create a complete site structure using the CMS.


This is the ultimate CMS meant for designers to manage there portfolio sites easily. Simpleflan runs on Cakephp 1.2 and is compatible with php4 and php5. It has an extremely clean usable interface.


This open source CMS combines the Cakephp framework and dojo JavaScript toolkit. Its best features include an integrated e-mail client and a full featured image gallery. Capuchn is also integrated with TinyMCE editor. This CMS is as simple as WordPress.


It is an eSports community CMS built on the Cakephp framework. SkyGames is released under GNU General Public License.


This is an AJAX Web 2.0 CMS based on the Cakephp framework


This CMS is built in Cakephp. It is an open source Semantic content management and web development framework that comes with a full featured Content Management System which helps in creating, managing, and organizing content by semantic rules. Users can create multiple web sites at the same time, build multimedia archives, implement e-commerce services, printed materials, e-learning systems, and blogs.


Baklava CMS is a podcast enabled Cakephp based CMS released under the MIT License. It runs on the MySQL database. AJAX is used heavily in order to speed-up usage. Baklava aims to serve and manage podcasts quickly and easily.


Cherryfish is a modular CMS built with a powerful and modern programming framework � Cakephp 1.2 and ExtJS. The CMS is designed for the quickly development and maintenance of websites.

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