The Difference Between Portable And Commercial Paper Shredding Options

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, nothing beats using a paper shredding company. Those small portable shredding machines are fine for occasional use. A small office or an individual might be fine with those for minor paperwork. However, they are not only slow but the user must still face the dilemma of disposing of the sensitive shreds or pieces. Commercial firms that specialize in this type of work are fully aware of the need for security, from shredding on through to final disposal.

It doesn't matter how much or how little paperwork is involved. These businesses take on both large and small jobs. They have been known to pick up just one carton. There are many options, as well. Some firms only shred at their plant. Others can also do it at your location. Still others have mobile services. The fees are surprisingly low compared to the labor costs of doing it non-commercially.

For large volumes, these facilities make it simple. They will provide large storage bins with locking lids. The client slides the materials into the bins. At a scheduled time, the bins are picked up, the contents shredded, and the by-product is recycled. The processing firm safeguards the data from start to finish. This is very easy on the customer.

Some of these firms request that the client to remove paper clips, staples, and rubber bands. Other companies do not even require that much. Outsourcing the work also cuts down on the noise, mess, and dust of a portable machine. There is no need to pay an employee to sit and shred with a portable machine.

A portable shredder is also relatively slow. They can, and do, jam frequently when anyone becomes impatient and inserts the paper carelessly, or inserts more pages than that particular model will tolerate. When sending out the work, this worry is gone. The plant shredders can handle several thousand pounds of paper an hour.

Final disposal, however, is often the biggest problem unless dealing with the experts. These services specialize in protecting the data they are charged with. With portable machines, the user still has to deal with getting rid of sensitive by-product, no matter how small it becomes. Professionals process and pass the by-product directly to recycling centers. Protection is their prime concern.

These firms are also held to account by not only some government standards, but by an agency of their own making, the Association of Information Destruction. This group watches over the industry. They advise users to be sure to ask for, and receive, a certificate of destruction at the end of every job. The specialized services also monitor their own security through employee training as well as investigating employee history. And, they are insured.

When considering paper shredding of confidential materials, using a professional makes sense. Often those concerned with the environment believe that recycling is enough. It might be except for the lack of security. Recycling facilities do not need to be as cautious as commercial shredding firms. With rampant identity theft, caution is crucial. Professionals meet that demand.

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