Computer Running Slow After System Restore - Fix This Problem Easily

If your computer runs slow there are numerous steps you can take to fix this problem. As a last resort you can use system restore or even reinstall windows to try and fix this problem. If you have carried out a system restore and your computer still runs slow then you may be scratching your head as to what is causing the problem and may even be considering buying a new computer.

Before you take any drastic steps like this follow the steps below to fix this problem and save yourself money as well.

#1 If you have carried out a system restore check how far back you went in the restore process. When you start system restore you may have selected a date after your computer started to run slow. Trying an earlier date may fix the problem. Before you do a system restore make sure you have copies of important files and documents as they may be lost during the restore process.

#2 If you have tried several different restore points the next thing to do is to check if your computer has its own system recovery software built in. Different recovery software use different methods to start the process from starting the program on the start menu to pressing a key on the keyboard at start up.

Whichever method is used there will be an option to restore your computer back to factory default settings.

If all else has failed try this. This will remove every program you have installed since you got your computer so make sure you have copies of everything before you do this. This will take a while and once it is finished restart your PC and it should be running faster.

#3 If you find your computer is still running slow after this or your computer does not have system recovery software there is another step you can take to fix this problem. It may be that your computer is infected with malware that is hiding in the recovery sector on your disk. This means no matter how many times you do system restore the malware is still there. Instead of formatting the drive and wiping out everything to get rid of this, which is a long process, you can take an easier route.

If your computer is running slow and possibly infected with malware download and run a system and registry scanner. You can usually run a free trial to scan your computer and check for malware or registry corruption caused by malware first. If there are errors or corruption you can then run a full scan and fix your slow running computer in minutes. If you find your computer runs slow even after doing a system restore follow these steps and fix it now.

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