Computer Technology

What is the Internet?

Including how is the internet used and how it works.

Computing Articles

Miscellaneous articles on managing data, business broadband. improving security and buying or renting a computer

The Internet and the future

The internet is still very much in its infancy yet it has already demonstrated how rapidly technology and the free exchange of information has impacted on everyday life. The internet has provided a wealth of information that would have been near unattainable before search engines were able to effectively catalogue information on the internet.

You can now join more mailing lists than you will ever have time to read. There is an abundance of information on every topic and subject and you can spend hours on forums, chats or reading blogs. The internet has allowed networking and making new business relationships. Traditional means of advertising have been challenged by internet advertising which is one of the fastest growing industries. How will the internet impact on the future

The Social Impact of Technology

Advances in technology, is generally not equitably shared within society. People with money have more opportunity to aquire technology, which enables them to acquire even more wealth. It is also important to remember that war has been and will continue to be the driving force for technology and innovation. Power and wealth are intrinsically tied together.

Open Source Risks

Has any one ever told you that open source has risks? Sure you've heard the media spin, it's more secure, more stable, more cost effective and has shorter development time but rarely does the media put a spotlight on its serious short comings.

Maximizing Return on Investment

Article on how to get the most out of your website investment. Increasingly, people turn to search engines to find company details, products and services. A website is becoming more important than having a yellow pages listing because it is a better way of searching for products and services

Copyright Infringement or Extortion

The internet has evolved rapidly and there is much uncertainty about the legality of many ways the internet is used. There are cases that are before the courts today that threaten to strike at the heart of the internet;the free flow of information

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filled tens of thousands of suits against individuals for copyright infringement but the crux of their argument is that simply possessing copyright material on your computer, even if that material was copied from a legitimate bought CD or DVD, simply having a file in a shared folder on your internet connected computer constitutes copyright infringement.

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