Convert MySQL to MSSQL

As a natural thing, change is inevitable. In technology, it is also present. Because of fast paced environment around us, technology is the thing which never stops from changing itself. A normal thing for any company is to upgrade its system or database systems at regular intervals. Usually they do it to match the requirement of the technology or methods that are being used around them. To adopt the changes in the field of database systems, upgraded databases, or a new version of software or new software is the key to change or upgrade.

Normally if we are changing the software, then we have to change our old data according to that new software. And the process of doing so is called Database Migration. Some people do it to match their requirements. Others do it, to implement new methods or technologies. For the conversion or migration of database from mysql to mssql you should buy third-party software. You can buy them from any computer market. It is easily available there.

First you need to understand what you are doing and what you will do with new and improved software. Here we are talking and comparing two databases, MySQL and MSSQL. There is a difference between many databases; the MySQL is an open-source database management system. MySQL uses client/server architecture. It was designed for fast paced environment. But there are many things missing from MySQL database that you can find in MSSQL. The MSSQL Database is totally a Relational Database Management System which has functions like, OLAP and also Data Mining. It fully provides the things needed for Database Administrators. It provides the larger storage than what MySQL was providing. Also it provides a database and its function for large scale firm or a small business firm.

To convert from MySQL to MSSQL, we need software to migrate from one to another. The software will help in converting MySQL database to MSSQL easily and automatically. So first we have to choose software which is reliable and fully convert the data into MSSQL format. There is a full process of converting from MySQL to MSSQL, which should be followed.

The process may consist of these steps

1) First you have to install the software in your database system.

2) Then you should analyze that from where and how you start the conversion of database.

3) Do not interrupt or close the program while conversion. By that you won't have sufficient or workable data.

4) You may have the option to pause the conversion. It varies on the software that what they are offering. Just choose the one which suits your needs the best.

5) Automated software will do the conversion on its own; you just have to set parameters.

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