How to Design a Mini Site

A mini site is a site that is designed to sell a particular set of product or service.Mini-site is created keeping in mind particular keywords for which it is optimized. It is more specific in its approach because you can also target a particular class of people also.

Suppose,a company provides the services like web site design development ,web hosting,e commerce solutions,search engine optimization and many more.Then after sometime the company decides to create a separate site for web site design and development then that will be called as mini site and that site will specifically talk about web site design and development services only not about search engine optimization or hosting services.Though it will be a small site consisting of a few pages but will be more targeted than the main site.

In this site, the title will be the most important keywords that people will be using to search for that particular product and service.Try to put those keywords according to their importance i.e,most important keywords first and keep their first word in lowercase because people hardly bother about capitalizing while searching that particular product or service and it helps you gain better search engine rankings.

The description should be keywords specific in order of their importance.Try to use important keywords only and do not generalize.The description should describe the site in detail and less than 250 characters.

Keywords Usage- Try to target only a few important keywords.Make sure to use important keywords in the heading tags,the bigger it is the better it is from search engines' point of view. Try not to use too many graphics and if you do,then put the important keywords in the alt tag.All the text in the body should focus on your product.It should have one specific purpose only --to get your visitor to take action. Make sure you include your keyword phrases throughout the text as it is considered to be a boon from search engines' point of view.

Mini-sites can also be used with any affiliate programs you are going to start or promoting. You can include extra incentives such as a free bonus for purchasing the product or even your personal recommendations. This is a great way to presell the product or any service.It is very cost effective also because it gives good returns in less cost.

Although there is nothing better than to have your own domain name, these sites can be hosted on a free server also and still rank high in the Search Engines.But it is often said,free sites do not build trust and credibility.Does not matter which option you choose, make sure you place your most important keyword phrase (the keyword phrase that you think people will use when searching) within your web address.

How to drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

After you have tested the effectiveness of your site and achieved a good conversion rate, (the number of visitors compared to the number of sales)now you can buy targeted traffic.

The key to using this technique effectively is to bid on "very" targeted keywords. This will weed out the casual visitors and only attract your target audience. There's no sense in paying for visitors who really weren't interested to begin with.

In addition to bidding on keywords, you can also advertise in targeted search engines and even purchase some targeted banner advertising. Be creative and take your time to test all of your promotions prior to spending a lot of money.

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