Find Lost Directory in Mac OS Using Disk First Aid

Frequently crashes or facing complexity in copying and saving files when you are using Mac operating system, in this situation you need to go for a tool which is known as Disk First Aid that is prebuilt with Mac operating system. Disk First Aid is a tool which helps to recognize and repair problems related with directory structure, HFS and HFS + or Mac hard disk. This tool comes with a part of Mac OS X, and in the before versions of Mac OS 9 and below as a standalone application.

Function of Disk First Aid

Find the Disk First Aid tool in Applications: Utilities: and in Disk utility application in Mac operating system X and Application: utilities: Disk First Aid in preceding version of the Mac OS, this tool helps in detecting the problems associated to master directory block, boot blocks, partition map, device drivers, catalog file, extents file, catalog hierarchy, catalog B- tree, extent B-tree, volume bitmap and volume info. This tool evaluates the problems in each of these cases and reports it can be solved or repaired. Disk First Aid tool is not capable for repairing the damage directory.

For the following reasons you can use Disk First Aid if:

  • complexity in preserving information
  • Finding complexity in copying files from one place to other
  • Losing files from the directory
  • Files changing size
  • regularly system crash and
  • if you are getting error Alerts

Disk First Aid tool is used to detect the errors, it cannot repair the errors. The repeatedly system crash or difficulty in storing information can lead to data loss. Errors like failure to copy or move files are caused by virus and it should be resolve with antivirus software. Depending on the problems you may need to reformat and reinstall the operating system. It makes your stored data cannot be access. You may lose your backup, important information regarding your browser, favorite links, bookmarks, photos, videos, music files etc.

Restoring deleted data from Mac OS

It is possible to access your data from a formatted drive using data recovery software or send your hard drive to a service centers. The earlier option is easier and less expensive compared to the second option. Prefer good data recovery software with care, software should be capable of recovering data from Mac operating system and also lost photos using photo recovery software.

Guidelines for selecting data recovery software for Mac OS

Go through the blogs

This is one of the most useful way to select good data recovery software, read blogs about the product from the internet.

System requirements

check the system requirements before recovering data the system should consist of operating system, free disk space, RAM, processor, etc as specified by the recovery software.

Extract the free demo version

to check the potential of the software.


verify the capability of the software in recovering data lost due to different scenarios, different type of file formats and various options.

Consumer care

substantiate that the recovery software is with good consumer support. Either through phone or chat.

Payment Channel

checks the guarantee of the company is providing a secure payment processing channels.

You can recover your lost data only if you have not used the drive regularly even after you have lost data from the drive. If you install the Disk First Aid, the possibility of recovering data is very less this process can overwrite the lost data. The best way to use Disk First Aid is for usual maintenance (once in 6 months) of the drive and it is not for any type errors.

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