Creating Keyword Rich Pages

Once you have established your keywords for which you have to optimize your site for,you have to think about how to get ranking on those keywords.For that purpose you have to create keyword rich pages(or in short KRPs) in which a particular keyword is repeated n no of times so that it gets the top rankings in the major search engines.

The Title Tag

This is the first and the most important tag in which you should insert the most important keyword or keywords(but there is a limit) you have to target.This tag is displayed in all the major search engines.

The Description Tag

The Description Tag is used by many search engines to provide a short description of the page that is displayed in the search engine so it should be keyword rich.The content of this tag is slightly longer than the title tag.This tag is also very important from search engine point of view.

The Keyword Tag

The tag is becoming less and less important as far as search engines are concerned.Yet it is included to be on the safer side,in this tag keywords are inserted according to their importance,a particular keyword is not repeated more than 3 times and the same keyword is not inserted one after the other.

There are different ways in which we can put keywords in the body of the page:

  • Apply Alt tags in all the images in the header.Insert important keywords in the alt tag the the image
  • Put H1 tag in the heading of the page.try to use your main keyword as the heading.
  • Ensute that the first few lines of the text of your pages should be keyword rich as some search engines do not read description tag.
  • Try to use keywords in the paragraph but it should not miss its grammatical sense even while repeating those keywords.
  • Try to keep your paragraphs as short as possible as people do not have so much time to read big and lengthy paragraphs.
  • Try to use keywords as file names while linking to other pages.And those keywords should be separated using hyphens.
  • following these steps,you may expect an improvement in your ranking and value of your site.

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