Medical Practice Management Software

The makers of leading Benefit Administration system and Practice Management software system. AMIZ is an integrated medical practice management software. It is carefully designed to put your office information at your fingerprint. AMIZ, the Medical Practice Software, integrates multiple daily performed functions into one single solution. It is designed from ground up by clinicians for clinicians. The technical specifications of AMIZ Technologies are detailed in Practice Management Software .

"We have spent over 7 years in designing and developing Easy Clinic to seamlessly fit with an doctor's workflow. Most clinical software focuses around better patient care as the primary objective. We consider that to be a by-product. Easy Clinic focuses on the doctor. It is designed to assist the doctor and automatically leads to delivery of better patient care by the doctor. This makes a huge difference in the adoption and usability of Easy Clinic. It enables a doctor to maintain electronic medical records and manage his practice better without being slowed down as a result of using a computer program.

Each aspect of a doctor's workflow has been thoroughly researched and there are many customisation options in Simple Clinic. For example , ordering investigations and prescribing drugs can be done in less than 9 seconds; clinical notes can be written quickly using self defined shortcuts; and bills to patients can be recorded with a single click .

Practice management features such as accounting have been designed to suit a doctor rather than an accountant. They are extremely simple and intuitive. For example a doctor can bill a patient with a single click and record expenses using simple voucher entries. Simple Clinic automatically generates their day book, form 3C and other financial reports.

Simple Clinic records and presents data intelligently which enables informed decision making; automates routine tasks; provides prompts on clinical activities ; and provides quick hassle-free accounting , thus making the doctor's day much more organised . The doctor will be able to see a substantial improvement in the management of patient medical records ; and will be able to run the practice more efficiently as a business. Patients will also be much happier, as a result of the sense of professionalism Easy Clinic provides to the practice ."

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