Promoting Your Websites

Creating a successful Internet presence involves much more than designing a great web site or having the "perfect" product. Listing your web site with the Search Engines is your first step; however, you must not solely rely on the Search Engines to bring you traffic. You must design a complete promotional strategy and work it every day. If you're launching a new web site, your first step will be to submit your site to the Search Engines and Directories.

A good way to organize your promotions is to set up a web page, for your personal use, that will contain your complete strategy. This page should be stored on your hard drive and not uploaded to your server. Your page should contain four sections.

  • DailyPromotions
  • WeeklyPromotions
  • MonthlyPromotions
  • Miscellaneous Promotions

Daily Promotions

Visit some popular discussion boards and share your expertise. Although you may not advertise on discussion boards, you can include your signature file with your post. Before you begin posting to discussion boards, make sure you lurk a while and see exactly how the board functions.

Weekly Promotions

Your weekly promotions should consist of placing a paid ezine advertisement and/or arranging ad swaps with fellow publishers. Visit the Directory of Ezines for a complete listing of hundreds of publishers and contact information for advertising.

Monthly Promotions

Your monthly promotions should include writing an article in the area of your expertise, promotional exchanges with similar web sites, and offline promotions. To organize your monthly promotions, place the names and hyperlinked web addresses for each of your promotional resources within your monthly promotions section.

Miscellaneous Promotions

Your miscellaneous promotions might include paying for traffic, text and banner advertising.

Once you've implemented your promotional strategy and continuously work it each day, you'll be amazed with the results of your efforts. Consistency will be the key to driving massive traffic to yoursite.

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