Choose Netbooks

In recent years, netbooks have become increasingly popular for many types of computer users. Netbooks arose out of a plan to provide cheap simple computing power to people in developing countries by offering cheap computers stripped down to their essentials. However, people of all backgrounds have since found these small, cheap computers attractive for their many benefits.

The term "netbook" means different things to different people. While you may see many different types of computers advertised as netbooks, most netbooks have similar features. They are typically less than three pounds and with a maximum screen size of only 10 or 11 inches. They do not have any sort of CD or DVD drive. They typically have slightly shrunken keyboards, 85 to 95 percent of a normal-sized keyboard. Their processing power and graphics abilities make them suitable for web browsing and word processing more than high-level gaming or graphics design.

One the major benefits of netbooks is the price. Because netbooks do not have high-end processors or graphics cards and much of the technology is fairly old, they cost much less than a new PC or full-size laptop. A brand-new netbook typically will cost no more than $600, and $200 to $300 is the norm for netbooks. This makes them ideal for students, businesses and other computer users who will spend most of their time on the Internet or using Office programs.

Netbooks are significantly smaller and lighter than the average laptop, making them simple to transport. At less than three pounds, their weight is very manageable, and they are so small compared to other laptops that you can take them with you wherever you go. If you're someone who travels for business or a student taking notes in classes, you can carry a netbook in a backpack, bag or purse without a second thought.

Netbooks, designed for travelers and people with a need for mobile computing power, are extremely mobile. They typically have very long battery lives; some models have batteries that can last for nine or more hours before a recharge,such as one of acer netbook battery, the part number is UM08A31.They also have fast start times and shutdown times, allowing users to quickly access their computer. Their operating systems, such as Windows 7 Starter, run a minimum of background applications, allowing the netbook to make the most of its limited processing power.

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