Blogging � How Social Media Is Confusing the Issue

For the past seven or eight years, web logging, or blogging for short, has been heralded as the next generation in news gathering and information dissemination, and has been credited (and loudly denounced) as the death knell for more traditional mediums of news information. Even companies that really had no business interests with setting up and running blogs wanted to get into the act, setting up blogs on their corporate websites, and filling the Internet will reams of "information" about their company that became quickly redundant.

Now, with the advent of quicker and ever diminutive methods of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, it has become clear that the future of expression on the Internet is getting shorter. This, coupled with the exceedingly popular phenomenon of "texting" with mobile phones, has generated a confluence of events where the act of blogging comes under threat, not from attack or litigation, but from irrelevancy.

Is there room for blogging in the next generation of the Internet? Well, yes and no. Here is the case for both the affirmative and negative arguments.

Blogging Is a Go

Even if many Internet users only flock to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, there will always be a niche segment of the Internet that has long been home to the policy wonks who have found a refuge of camaraderie in which to commiserate. The political and information geeks will always call the Internet home, and they will use the blog, or some reasonable permutation of it, to do so. This, coupled with the fact that the traditional media is still dying, means that information will continue to be disseminated on the Internet more and more.

Blogging Is Dead

But the question was not necessarily if blogging would fade out and disappear, only if it would continue to be relevant. The fact is that, whether or not the policy wonks congregate on blogs or not, most people would pay no attention to them whatsoever. There is one major reason why long form blogging is practically on the way out, with one foot in the proverbial grave already.

The Internet Is Going Mobile

The Internet is being increasingly tailored to be consumed and experienced through mobile devices exclusively. This is to the benefit of Tweeting and Facebooking, but not so much for the long form blogging diatribes.

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