Software Testing Company India

Software testing is the process of checking software, to verify that it satisfies its requirements and to detect errors. Software testing is an empirical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test , with respect to the context in which it is intended to operate.

Like never before, everyday life has become dependent on software and software-based systems. Most of today's appliances, machines, and devices are completely or at least partly controlled by software. Administrative proceedings in state agencies and industry, too, rely to a large extent on highly complex IT systems. Examples are the management of insurance policies, inventory control systems, biometric characteristics in passports and ID cards, and the electronic health chip card.This strong dependency on software requires ever higher investments in quality assurance activities to enable IT systems to perform reliably. Software testing is developing toward a specialized, independent field of study and professional discipline within the computer sciences.

A business organization looking for IT services needs to be assured of high quality standards to ensure a marked base of trust between the organization and the IT companies. Icreon Communications is well aware of this fact and have in place Quality Assurance procedures, and software testing tools and techniques that help us to surpass the quality standards expected from us by our clients. Maintaining the product quality is a step by step procedure wherein the process of verification and validation begins at a very initial stage of product development at Icreon. A properly implemented quality plan looks after the desired product qualities and defines how these are to be judged. At Icreon comprehensive quality plans are developed, which affirms the quality features that needs to be implemented in the software which is being developed. These quality plans also chart the development plans for optimal quality product development.

India is poised to capture a major share of the worldwide software testing market. This is because of the established and dominant IT service sector, presence of organizations with matured processes and practices, and the versatile IT skill-set of testing professionals. India has the potential to corner 70 per cent ($1.82 billion) of the outsourced testing market. The compounded annual growth rate for the independent outsourced testing market is estimated at 56 per cent while the independent offshore testing has been estimated at 92 per cent over the next few years. Software companies, from India and abroad, are investing in establishing �centers of excellence' to effectively tap this growing market.

Moving forward, software testing has entered the next level of maturity. This demanded expertise in specific domains like embedded systems testing, real-time testing, healthcare systems testing, web-application testing, client server application testing, performance testing, connectivity testing, inter-operability testing etc.

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