Top Five Most Profitable Color Combinations Used In Cover Design!

"Two days ago, an old man stopped me on the street and asked me who my stylist is.

I was surprised at first by the situation. But after a couple of seconds, my answer was:

"I don't have a stylist. I dress myself!"

That's when it occurred to me that there are many people that match their clothes colors in a bad way. And guess what: the same thing is happening with many e-book covers that are on the internet today.

There are some covers so bad that you want to live a certain web page the very moment you see the cover.

I know you don't want to end up with a cover like that so here is the Absolute Top Five Most Profitable Color Combinations.

Red - black - white

Red and black combined with white create a nice impact to the eye. These covers usually jump into the visitor's eyes through their simplicity. Gradients of red and grey can turn out pretty profitable also.

Black - white - gold

This is another killer combination. The simplicity of black combined with the richness of gold helps you create a cover that makes people turn their heads just to see it. Usually these colors are ideal for conservatory institutions that deal a lot with money.

Red - white - blue

You should take good care not to have red-blue bordering areas, or - if you do, one of the colors should be really dark while the other is lighten. Blue and white is another good combination that derives from this one. It is used more and more in the internet marketing - new technologies field because of the trustiness the blue color implies.

Red - orange - green

Orange seems to be a color preferred by the customers. Psychologically speaking, orange gives a sense of affordability and combined with red, which is a strong motivator, subconsciously influence your leads to act. The green color brings in a little freshness into the picture so it fits well for ecological and sport projects.

Red - orange - blue

Based on numerous split tests and feedback from my customers, the absolute combination was formed from red, orange and blue - or, to be more specific: dark blue. :) The blue color adds the touch of confidence - needed by each of us before we make the buying decision - to the red-orange combination.

This being said, I wish you much success with your venture and be aware next time you hire a cover designer."

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