The Importance of W3C Compliance

Have you ever wondered where is the World Wide Web heading to? Many technologists talk about the semantic Web and taking web development to the next level. In the same context, you may hear about developing high quality markup and W3C compliance. However, most users do not understand the importance of W3C compliance, since it is not mandatory, nor is the value it can add to their websites.

As providers of W3C compliant markup, we will share with you our understanding of these standards and the benefits they provide to your website. The World Wide Web Consortium or abbreviated W3C, is the main international community that develops standards and guidelines to ensure the long term quality growth of the Web. These guidelines and standards are based on best practices and they are also intended for Internet browser developers, in order to achieve a consistent web development process.

When your web developer or coding services provider informs you about W3C valid markup, this means that your website will meet the World Wide Web Consortium requirements for XHTML/CSS coding. At the same time, it is a certification of the quality of the delivered markup and a confirmation of improved cross-browser functionality of your website pages.

To sum it up, these are the benefits of W3C compliancy

  • Accessibility and improved user experience � with W3C compliant code your website will look and function consistently on any Internet device or browser used by your visitors.
  • W3C compliant web design is, by nature, SEO friendly.
  • It is a future-proof quality check � validation with W3C standards is one of the most effective ways to make sure that what works today will work tomorrow.
  • Ease of maintenance due to compliance with standards that are globally recognized - creating Web pages according to a standardized coding style makes it easier to maintain your website.
  • Some will argue that web design and development can be done without complying with the demands of W3C guidelines. But we believe that this view would not embrace the ideas of the web community in taking the Web to the next level.

    At CodeMyIMAGE we recommend that, when you decide to use the services of any PSD to HTML conversion services provider, it is a must to make sure that your coded pages are delivered W3C valid.

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