How to Use Web Hosting Scripts Effectively

Just as php scripts have the ability to increase the functionality of a website, so do web hosting scripts. Some web scripts are offered free of charge by web hosts and these include the Word Press script. These scripts can be used to allow website owners to increase the functionality of their site at a low cost and with the minimum of time.

Some of the web host scripts are mentioned below:

Fantastico is a script library used for commercial purposes, and it helps in automation of the process of installing web applications to a given site. These scripts can be executed only by the website administrator, from the Control Panel. The website of Fantastico has it that they have been installed on more than 10,000 servers and they have millions of users throughout the world, which is a major factor in making them the leading product in this regard.

These scripts run upon a new application being added to an existing website or when a new website is made. Installing this software can assist a user in configuring their web server file better or assist them in making tables with regards to databases. Fantastico is generally seen as software that is gained in an open source manner but some scripts can be purchased. After installation, every domain on a server can use the script. This means that a server host could place SohoLaunch's website builder or PerlDesks customer support software to be used by every client, enabling them better interaction with other internet users.

Over 50 applications are linked with Fantastico scripts, with the most popular ones being:

Shopping cart software

Software to enable easy creating of blogs

Picture sharing

The management system for web content


It can be tricky for many users to choose between the LINUX and Windows web hosts. It is vital that a user is aware of the language that their website uses before making a choice of what operating system they use or what server they use. LINUX is best for websites which have HTML content, perhaps have e-commerce facilities or possibly run features for a programming database like php or MySQL. This is contrasted by the fact that ASP or ASP.NET sites need a server compatible with Windows.

In order to get the best for your site, we shall discuss some issues about PHP, MySQL and ASP.NET.

Hypertext Preprocessor is the full name for the term PHP and it is a server side scripting language or a language used for programming. One of its advantages is the ease you can place a HTML code in it. PHP is commonly found beside APACHE on a number of operating systems, and it is commonly found on LINUX. PHP has a strong role as a filter and it eventually showcases a specific flow of data after it has filtered information from files storing content and instructions coming from PHP. PHP is provided free on the majority of servers, platforms and operating systems.

MySQL primarily retrieves and manages data and it offers multi-threads and provides computer language for many users. It enables its users to gain access to, and modify, data. If you are looking for an SQL database management system that has around ten million installations then MySQL is the one to choose. MySQL can be uses as a database component for WAMP, LAMP and MAMP as well as being used in web applications and be used to track bugs in an open source manner. There are strong links between PHP, "Ruby on Rails" and MySQL. Sites like WordPress and those similar find it possible to run on MySQL and PHP.

ASP.NET, otherwise known as Active Server Page is a Microsoft product that is strongly marketed and is also the companies .NET platform division. It has superseded the technology that developed ASP and provides many uses for programmers including creating websites and XML / web applications. In reducing the number of codes required to build a web application, ASP.NET assists in simplifying the process. As it supports a number of .NET languages it improves the flexibility a user has in choosing a language. The combination of HTML and source code ensures that it is easier to compile and maintain web pages. Another benefit comes in the fact that the configuration information is built in means that there is no need to register separate components. ASP.NET is also extremely fast and is able to satisfy a large number of users with no noticeable difference in performance.

Having some knowledge about these technical terms will improve your ability to select the best server type for you. At first it is likely to be difficult to automate a website site using CGI scripts but it definitely becomes over time.

Like most things in life, starting simply and then working up can be the best way to go about things. If you need CGI scripts, visiting is a good start. No matter what you want to run, be it website management, emails, rotating banners, advertisements, password protection, polls, mailing lists, adding a search engine, having a shopping cart or any other activity, it is possible to obtain free scripts and scripts you need to buy. It is possible to buy some but it is possible to save cash by using a cheaper script and installing it by yourself. Spending a lot of money is not always the best tactic and you may get everything you need for a very little price.

There is a feeling amongst many webmasters that a degree in computer science is required for utilizing scripts but this is not the case. Yes, to use a CGI script, access to the server is required but there are providers who will customers the opportunity to upload, at no cost, a CGI script. This enables users to sample different types of CGI scripts before deciding what is best for them.

Running a CGI script is not difficult if the scripts contain a config file or a setup file. After these files have been loaded onto the server, gaining access to the setup or config files will enable the script to set itself up automatically after content is placed in it. An alternative to this is using a variable file. This type of file will ordinarily have the majority of the information that is needed for the script to run and the most used scripts are likely to have a number of files which require configuration before working.

Most scripts are provided with a read-me or setup file which can be read in HTML text. The instructions are contained within after opening the file up. There are clear and concise instructions to be found on many scripts but some writers will make an assumption that the user does not any directions. If this is the case, it may be possible to examine similar scripts to gain an understanding of how it works.

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