Get Your Website At The Top

So, you have built your own website about your business and truly believe that this is the right channel to drive all the �right kind of business queries' to you? Is it right? Perhaps not! Building a website is not just about cement and mortar, it takes lots and pots of thought process to know who your target audience is and what you want to achieve out from your website. A good web design and a web host company can certainly do wonders. On the contrary, it may be just the other way around. It is imperative to know how you should build your website and actually know what your web hosting company is offering you. In today's world nobody wants to be cheated!

Among so many web host companies, choosing the right one becomes really tough. There are few factors that need to be checked before hiring any such service provider that are:

Reliability� It's not a common nonsense people speak when they say that few websites just would not open! After all, the websites, perhaps, are not to be blamed - the web hosting companies that are hosting the sites may be the culprit. It is always better to do some research work about the hosting company to know how many customers they provide their services to and their uptime guarantee. You would no t want your company's website to be part of a common man's gossip!

Speed, Space and Bandwidth� Speed does matter � especially when someone has to access your website and download the stuff you want them to. It is absolutely imperative to find out about your website hosting server's speed � no body would appreciate a congested and clogged network. Also, to build a website and hosting it, a server requires dedicating a certain amount of space. It would be wise to know and confirm the amount of space the server is providing, and also the facility of increasing the space. Bandwidth also plays a crucial role for the betterment of your website. It is simply not wise to go for a limited and a fixed bandwidth. When it comes to your website, ensure that you have all the specifications you require, from sub-domains, databases and scripting language support, to the platform on which the website will be hosted on.

Security� This is one of the top-most concerns while choosing a website hosting company for your website. Viruses, spams, worms, trojan horses etc., can unleash a monster that can devastate your website as well as your business. You would not want to spend your night thinking and worrying about such factors! It is important to check out your web host company's security features. What tools and features your website host company provides, will determine the overall security of your website. Most of us get sick and tired of unlimited number of unwanted mails. So it's better to check how your hosting company filters the unwanted or �spam' messages. Few sites blacklisted by major search engine companies should not be hosted by the website hosting company, you plan to choose. There can be serious repercussions just due to those sites being hosted by your web host server (your own website may be blacklisted!).

Control Panel provided by the website hosting company - Being a website owner, the onus lies on you to manage the web server provided by your web host company, install scripts and facilitate other services like email etc. A good control panel would give you a tool to control access to your website, create and configure mailboxes, sub-domains, parked domains, ftp accounts, files, etc.

Geographic location of the web host server � It's a bit weird to think that the geographic location of the website host server might actually affect your site ranking. However, if we look at the complexities of the ways a search engine ranks your site; it is definitely going to be an eye opener! The search engines know where your Web site is hosted, and they are ranking your site according to domain extension and website (server) geographic location. Otherwise why would we have websites with,, etc.!

Add-on SEO help � Some hosting companies provide you with SEO help facilities, reducing the costs of hiring a SEO expert to incorporate SEO features in your websites to get a good ranking in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This facility can be a good add-on to get the traffic to your site going smooth and strong.

A hosting company providing all these factors is the choice for your website; it will also get your site a good ranking in the search engines.


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