Consultant Websites

If you want to attract new clients, they need to know you exist. With a Web site, you can communicate your firm's identity and service offerings through multiple formats: compelling content, work samples, testimonials, case studies, and powerful images. That's difficult to do in a single brochure.

But more than that, today clients are Web savvy. Whether you are an Information Technology expert, a Human Resources or Management consultant, or a PR firm, your clients expect you to have a Web site.

Benefit - Helps you attract new clients

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a Web site is the fastest, most cost-effective way to attract new clients, automatically drawing in prospects and increasing your exposure in the market. No other marketing tool is as accessible and interactive -- enabling your clients to learn about you and your capabilities when it's convenient for them.

A Web site gives you credibility, reinforcing your professional image, and quickly communicating important information to visitors.

Benefit - Enhances your marketing efforts

Your Web site is an essential tool for identifying your brand, enhancing your professional image and connecting with prospects. Use your site to stand out from your competitors, and tell prospects what's special about you, what you have to offer, and why they should choose your firm. You can display your work, provide case studies, highlight any awards you've received, include testimonials from previous clients, and provide contact information.

Many Web site templates also offer the ability to include blogs, podcasts and webinars on your site. You can use these tools as educational resources for your visitors-and enhance your visibility by reminding prospects of upcoming events.

But, an effective Web presence is much more than just a Web site - it's a critical component of your marketing strategy that includes driving highly targeted traffic to your Web site, all day every day. To optimize your search engine capabilities, make sure your content is compelling and addresses the searcher's needs. Be careful to incorporate your chosen key words and phrases into the copy on your main pages, and ensure that search engines recognize those key words.

Benefit - Promotes your firm

Many consultants are mult-taskers, marketing their services, managing the firm and doing the work themselves. A Web site can take over many of your marketing duties for you. Online forms, e-Referrals, and contact management tools reduce your workload and free you up to spend more time working on projects.

You can gather information from your Web sites with online contact management tools, then market to and communicate with your clients using the data that you have collected. A "Contact" page is vital for converting visitors into clients and does the work of collecting prospect information for you. Include a form for prospects to complete that includes their personal information. Always remember to include a map with directions to your business.

Contact management tools also enable you to set up mailing lists to keep your name in front of clients and prospects via e-mail or newsletter. When the next project comes up, they're more likely to remember your firm. You can also promote your firm with online business cards. These can often be used with online brochures, office announcements, or other promotional materials.

Since consultants rely heavily on their relationships with clients, these relationship management tools are essential to your success. Let your Web site do the work for you, while you watch your business grow.

Once your site is up and running, you should begin to see the benefits almost immediately. To optimize your success, you will want to keep it up-to-date by adding fresh content, updating your featured listings, monitoring traffic, and analyzing the results on a regular basis.

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