Application Migration

With new technologies hitting the market everyday, we help our clients to keep abreast of new platforms. Our wide array of competencies help our clients migrate their product from an outdated/obsolete technology platform to leading edge technologies, whether a Microsoft .Net platform, J2EE or others.

Alternatively, if a product is becoming outdated in the context of technological breakthroughs in research and innovation, we help to re-engineer the product architecture and produce a trend-setting product for the future. We do this by analyzing existing limitations first, then re-building a product on robust and scalable architecture.

AMIZ migration is a stage-by-stage transformation involving activities from research, planning, data preparation, conversion, testing, to implementation

Brief Study

This phase gains an insight into the project objective gaining the necessary knowledge of the characteristics of the source information system, its environment and its components.

Detailed Study

The inventory set during this phase covers the number and complexity of procedures, programs, transactions, screens, reports, databases. Tables and files are carefully identified, as are program translations and any special considerations.


Successful transformation depends on proper planning. Tasks are defined and standards are established for the migrated programs. An appropriate migration schedule is worked out based on project priorities, development and maintenance activities related to the existing system. The secondary objective during the planning phase is to identify external/third party tools and integration issues.


The process here involves translating programs, translating screens, translating reports and converting databases and files. The migration phase also involves writing new programs for third party tools and integration points/layers. The phase mainly targets the generation of new programs functionally equivalent to the old programs but stripped of the dependency on the old language, database or computer. It can even restructure programs and database access with uniform standards. The transformation process also limits the redundancy and expansion of code.


Completion of the transformation process is the testing of the output of the transformed program with the converted output of the original program flagging any mismatches for correction. Every function represented by the test data must be present and working in the converted program. For each combination of source and target programs, a certain number of tests are necessary to check all program conditions.


The implementation phase covers the following steps:

  • Integrating the programs and preparing for system testing
  • Updating the transformed system to include current production maintenance changes
  • Converting live production databases and files to operate with converted programs
  • Executing the converted programs with production data
  • Comparing the output with the converted versions of the original output to validate the results
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